‘vor augen’ ,  Johannes Schöllhorn
for voice, saxophone, cello and piano
by Romy-Alice Bols, Nele Geubels, Sam Faes and Fabian Coomans

Johannes Schöllhorn on ‘vor augen’:

‘…Thank you for your charming recording of “vor augen”, I enjoyed it very much. You have found a wonderful way to speak free and to be rythmically together in the same time, beautiful! And the music is really dancing, light and the colour is nice. Thank you very much!…’


‘Under One’s Breath’ ,  Johannes Schöllhorn
for flute, violin and harp
by Romy-Alice Bols, Marieke Berendsen and Jutta Troch

Johannes Schöllhorn on ‘Under One’s Breath’:

‘…The recording is wonderful! Congratulations and thank you very much! It is so light, very precise and exactly the colours I imagined…’


‘Noize Box’ ,  Florent Colautti
for saxophone, violin, violoncelle, harp, piano, e-guitar and live-electronics
by Nele Geubels, Marieke Berendsen, Sam Faes, Jutta Troch, Fabian Coomans, Toon Callier and Jasper Braet

‘For Jim, Ben and Lou’ ,  Larry Polansky
for guitar, percussion and harp
by Toon Callier, Jeroen Stevens and Jutta Troch


Rue Platz

The World’s Longest Melody


‘Fast Medium Swing’ ,  Matthew Shlomowitz
for piano, 3 melodic instruments and auxiliary player


‘Logic Rock’ ,  Matthew Shlomowitz
pour guitare électrique et batterie
par Toon Callier et Jeroen Stevens (alias Fritzi und Heidel)

‘Lierre’ ,  Frédéric Pattar
for piano électrique Fender Rhodes and harpe
by Fabian Coomans and Jutta Troch


‘Mouvement’ ,  Frédéric Pattar
for flute, cello and harpe
by Romy-Alice Bols, Sam Faes and Jutta Troch


‘Mirrors’ ,  Kajia Saariaho
for flute and cello
by Romy-Alice Bols and Sam Faes


‘Terra d’Ombra’ ,  Jérôme Combier
for piano, cello and harpe
by Fabian Coomans, Sam Faes and Jutta Troch


‘Vox Balaenae’ ,  Georges Crumb
for flute, cello and piano
by Romy-Alice Bols, Sam Faes and Fabian Coomans