Fast Medium Swing

FAST MEDIUM SWING. (9 musicians)

An audience is grinning, a dog is barking, a woman is walking the street, music to look at… this is Fast Medium Swing; a concert program with the American composer Larry Polansky, and the British/ Australian Matthew Shlomowitz as main focus points. Shlomowitz’s fresh and humoristic musical language starts a dialogue with Polansky’s vocabulary, which is strongly colored by just intonation and American popular music. In form and structure, their music shows resemblance to Terry Riley’s work. Like him they often work with a limited number of musical elements to create complex polyphonic constructions. Besides took an interest in these two composers because of their no-nonsense attitude and their creative originality. Both composers have a strong affinity with performance art, which will undoubtedly result in surprising theatrical moments. Polansky and Shlomowitz both wrote new work for a full Besides in this concert program. Together with existing pieces for smaller combinations by the same composers these two world premières form Fast Medium Swing.

Matthew Shlomowitz
‘Avant Muzak’ (fl, vl, vcl, sax, e-git, hrp, pn, drums)*
‘Fast Medium Swing’ (pn, hrp, vl, sax, assistant)
Selection of ‘Letter Pieces’
* command of Centre Henri Pousseur
* with support of Vlaamse overheid
Larry Polansky
‘She is full of patience’ (fl, vl, vcl, sax, e-git, hrp, pn, drums, electronics)*
* written for the ensemble Besides
Fabian Coomans
‘Pub’ (fl, sax, vl, vcl, e-git, hrp, pn, drums)*
* written for the ensemble Besides
* with support of Communauté Wallonie Bruxelles