Under One’s Breath

UNDER ONE’S BREATH. (6 musicians)

Under One’s Breath
focuses on quiet, small and subtle sounds. All composers work around this idea in their own specific way, creating a wide spectrum of sounds and colors throughout the whole concert. Johannes Schöllhorns piece is rhythmically highly complex, whereas Tristan Murail moves more in the direction of soundscapes. Frederic Pattar takes the middle position between these two different sound fields. By applying virtually all possible instrumental techniques the three composers create a world of extremely turbulent quietness.

Johannes Schöllhorn
‘Under One’s Breath’ (fl, vl, hrp)
‘Vor Augen’ (stem, sax, vcl, pn)
Frederic Pattar
‘Mouvement’ (fl, vcl, hrp)
‘Lierre’ (hrp, Fender-Rhodes)
Jérôme Combier
‘Terra d’ombra’ (vcl, pn, hrp)*
* creatie door Besides
Tristan Murail

‘Feuilles à travers les cloches’ (fl, vl, vcl, pn)