Besides was formed in 2009 and is an ensemble of nine musicians sharing
a passion for the performance of new music in its widest sense. With the tradition
of written music as a starting point, an important part is always reserved for live
electronics, performance and improvisation when brainstorming for new program

The individual musicians each work in very different fields of the musical spectrum:
ranging from rock to electronic music, from sound design to music theatre,
composition and even festival organization. This fact, together with the uncommon
combination of harp, saxophone, drums, violin, cello, flute, e-guitar, piano and
electronics, gives Besides its unique signature sound. The creation of new repertoire
will therefore only be possible through constantly looking for cooperations with
composers, sound artists and specialized performers.

Besides had been coached by members of Ictus and the Spectra
Ensemble within the Advanced Master in Contemporary Music program of the Ghent
Conservatory and is member of COHORT, « Association of new music makers ».



Marieke Berendsen, violen

Toon Callier, e-guitar

Jeroen Stevens, drums

Nele Geubels, saxophone

Romy-Alice Bols, flute

Fabian Coomans, piano

Sam Faes, cello

Jasper Braet, electronics

Jutta Troch, harp